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Harvard's Gmail Environments

Why use g.harvard? Harvard’s implementation of Google Apps includes data security and disclosure restrictions that are important to the protection of University information. If you want to use a Google account and you have access to student information or if you perform research at Harvard, you should be using a g.harvard account. 

G.harvard and Office 365 have simplified Harvard's email and collaboration efforts; allowing file sharing between schools, students, faculty, and staff as never before. By the end of 2016 there will be two primary email/calendaring/collaboration platforms at Harvard: Google and Office 365. Below you will learn about the configuration of Google supported systems. For information about Office 365, please visit http://mso.harvard.edu/

Harvard Google Domains and Populations

There are three unique Google domains supported by HUIT:
  • G.harvard - Population includes: FAS Faculty and Staff, HUIT Employees, GSAS, DCE, and SEAS
  • College.harvard - Population includes: FAS Undergraduate Students Only
  • Mail.harvard - Population includes: Graduate students in The School of Divinity, The Graduate School of Education, and The Graduate School of Design

Sharing Outside of GdotHarvard

G.harvard works just like your consumer Google account
  • To share a document, video, or email outside of g.harvard you will need to know the recipient's email address
  • G.harvard will not auto-fill an address from a different domain unless you have added that person's account to your contacts
  • G.harvard users cannot look up college.harvard or mail.harvard users in the Google directory