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New GSAS Students: Get Your Google Apps For Harvard Email Account

If you're new around here and need to get a g.harvard account, just follow these two steps:

1.    If you have not already claimed your HarvardKey, please do so now.  When you claim your HarvardKey your Google Apps For Harvard account will be created for you automatically.

2.     You may log in with your email address and the password that you set up claiming your HarvardKey by going to and selecting Gmail. 

Just a few more things:

  • After following the instructions above, your Google Apps for Harvard account will be immediately activated. Note: Although your account is immediately activated, Google will not publish your name or new Gmail account in its directory for at least 24 hours. This is okay; you may still access and use Google Apps for Harvard.

  • When you log into your Google Apps for Harvard account for the first time, you will be asked to accept the terms of service. Please review the terms of service carefully. To accept the terms of service and start using your account, click the "I accept. Continue to my account." button.

  • To get yourself started using Google Apps for Harvard, visit our Learning Center where you can find links to tutorials and more. Please note: We recommend forwarding your new email to your primary email address or vice versa. This will ensure that emails and document sharing notifications sent to your new account will be received in a timely manner. For more information on how to forward your email please click here.    

      You're done! Welcome to Google Apps for Harvard!