Division of Continuing Education (Extension and Summer School) FAQ

Do I need to opt into FAS to get a g.harvard account?

No, you can opt into your g.harvard account via the HarvardKey interface: http://g.harvard.edu/extension-school-and-summer-school-faq/extension_opt_in

Can I change my account name from abc123@g.harvard.edu? I want it to be first_last@g.harvard.edu.

It is against Harvard University policy to change your account name. While it is technically possible to do so, by changing your account name you risk missing important communication from the University. We can only change the account name in extreme circumstances.

I already have an @fas email account. Do I have to change my email?

No, you can continue to use your @fas account as long as you are an active student at the Extension or Summer School.

Can I move my @fas email into my @g.harvard account?

Yes, if you want to switch from using @fas to @g.harvard, you can follow the instructions here: http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=57920 to migrate all of your existing email into your @g.harvard account.

Can I still get an @fas email account?

No, the infrastructure behind the @fas email being used by Extension School students is being phased out. New @fas email accounts are not being created for Extension School students.

Do I get to keep my @g.harvard account forever?

No, after you graduate or after the last day of class for non-matriculated students, access and forwarding ends after 30 days, resources are deleted 30 days thereafter

If I take a leave from my Extension School studies will I have to create a new @g.harvard account?

It depends. If you are matriculated in a certificate or degree program, your account remains active as long as you are in your program. Otherwise, your g.harvard data will be deleted within 60-days after you are no longer an active DCE student taking classes. If you are not matriculated in a certificate or degree program and need to take time away from your studies, your account must be sponsored by a FAS Faculty or DCE staff member to remain active. 

My classmate shared a document with me in Google docs, but he's graduating. Will I still have access to our shared document?

It depends. If your classmate graduates or stops taking classes at DCE, and has not shared ownership of the doc with you, the doc will be deleted 60-days after the semester ends.

I have graduated do I still need to create an account in @alumni.harvard.edu to have a Harvard email address?

Yes, your @g.harvard account will be suspended after 30-days and deleted 30-days thereafter. We strongly recommend that you transfer any documents or email out of g.harvard if you are leaving the University.