Please check in often for updated service announcements.

New Google Calendar

November 20, 2017
All g.harvard users may try out the New Google Calendar now. Google's new calendar configuration allows you to manage all your settings in one place. The new Calendar user interface allows you to customize how you see your calendar: You may now choose to show or hide weekends when seeing your calendar and show two calendars at once in Day view. For more information about the new Google Calendar please visit:  You may revert back to the classic calendar view until February 28, 2018 at which time Google will stop supporting classic calendar view. 

Drive File Stream launching to all G Suite Customers 

October 17, 2017
You may see an announcement regarding Drive File Stream. Drive File Stream a new application for your Mac or PC. Use Drive File Stream to access all your Google Drive files from your computer while using less disk space and decreasing sync time. You may download and install Drive Stream here: . (Note: you must be logged into g.harvard to access this link.) For more information, please see: .

Google Drive Phishing Scam 

May 4, 2017
A massive phishing scam targeting Google accounts is sweeping through the internet. Reports widely reference an origin e-mail address of “,” with others copied on the message. If you have clicked on the link, go to your Google account's page ( where you can manage the permissions you've granted to apps (or go through the whole Google Security Checkup). Then locate the "Google Doc" app. The malicious app should have a recent "Authorization Time." Now, click on the recent Google Docs app and click "Remove". For more information on avoiding phishing scams, please review an article on spotting a phish on Harvard Information Security site. 

Harvard Email Going to Spam?

August 26, 2016
Google has updated it's spam filtering rules to mark any mail forwarded from a non-matching IP as spam. Make sure you don't miss important communications by checking your Spam Folder and adding any important addresses to your contacts.

Use Google Calendar Appointment Slots

August 2, 2016
Faculty can set up and share appointment slots for Office Hours. Get a jump on this simple task for the fall semester. Here's how:

Grace Period Change

July 28, 2016
As of July 20, 2016 access to all email accounts for FAS Staff and affiliates will end on the day of departure. College and GSAS students still have 230 days of access after graduation. FAS Faculty access ends 30-days after departure. DCE and Summer School access also ends 30-days after departure. For more information please visit:

Yahoo mail bouncing from forwarded accounts

April 18, 2016
If you are forwarding your Office 365 account to g.harvard, and have forwarding in place; incoming mail from Yahoo accounts may bounce. To resolve this issue remove the forwarding on your O365 account, and change to a Redirect rule by following these instructions. Using a redirect rule rather than forwarding should allow Yahoo mail to be delivered.

Google 2-step Verification

March 14, 2016
HUIT strongly advises all members of the Harvard Community enable 2-step verification for Google supported accounts. It's easy, and it offers an added level of security to ward off hackers. To learn more please visit:

Departmental or 'shared' accounts

February 9, 2016
With the advent of HarvardKey access to shared accounts on G.Harvard must be maintained through a Google Group Collaborative in box. Once HarvardKey is fully deployed shared mailboxes will not be accessible through a non-HarvardKey login. To request a Google Group please fill out the Group Request form. You must be logged into your g.harvard account to access the form. To allow another GdotHarvard user delegate access to your account follow the instructions here:

DCE Students can automatically claim G.harvard accounts

January, 13 2016
The ability to self-claim your Google Apps For Harvard account is now enabled for DCE students.  Please see our updated DCE Opt-in Instructions to learn how to claim your Google Apps For Harvard account. Note: FAS, SEAS, and HUIT must still submit a request. 

Account setup change

November 15, 2015
The ability to self-service create your Google Apps For Harvard account has been temporarily disabled.  Please see our updated Getting Started instructions for more information on how you can request your Google Apps For Harvard account.

Google Calendar Issues

November 4, 2015
Google confirmed resolution of this issue as of 1:25 PM. Google Calendar service has already been restored for some users, and Google expects a resolution for all users within the next 1 hour. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change. For more information visit the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Google Sheets Performance Issues

March 13, 2015
Google has reported performance issues using Google Sheets (Spreadsheets). Affected users will notice errors and latency when accessing Google Sheets.

Google Plus Outage

October 22, 2015
Between 10:30PM on October 21 and 4:00AM on October 22 Google Plus and its associated applications experienced several outages. GMail, Google Drive and Google Hangouts were included, however these services experienced brief down time. The issue has been resolved as of 4AM, October 22. All Google services are currently up and running. For more information visit the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Google Addresses Password Security Breach

September 10, 2014
Approximately five million user names and passwords were recently published on a Russian Bitcoin site. Google says that there is no evidence that their servers were breached. Click here to review recent activity for your g.harvard account. Please read Google's latest security blog for more information:

Chrome Sync and Google TakeOut Available for G.harvard Users

September 3, 2014
ChromeSync and Google TakeOut are now available for g.harvard users. You may now sync your g.harvard account to all your devices through ChromeSync. G.harvard users may also download their g.harvard data using Google TakeOut. For more information on TakeOut, please visit Google's Download your Data page

Google Drive Service Interruption

June 4, 2014
Between 10:32am and 11:42am some users may have experienced slowness, latency issues, and/or received 'server not found' errors when accessing Google believes that they have found the root of the issue and that it is mainly resolved. If you experience issues accessing Google Drive please contact the HUIT Service Desk at or x5-7777.

YouTube Available for G.harvard Users

March 31, 2014
You can now access the YouTube application from your Google Apps for Harvard account. 
When you sign into YouTube with your g.harvard account, you can take advantage of many YouTube features including liking videos, save favorites, subscribe to channels, watch Later, watch history & flag videos.

YouTube will also be able to personalize video recommendations based on the videos you have liked and watched and your subscriptions.

Unless you create a channel, you won't have a public presence on YouTube. Your activity is fully private. If you'd like to upload your own videos, comment on videos, or create playlists, you can create a YouTube Channel at any time. If you already have an existing YouTube Channel that you would like to manage with your g.harvard account please click here: for instructions. 

For more information subscribe to the YouTube Help Channel.

Beware of Phishing Schemes

March 18, 2014
Recently a scheme has been reported where users receive a message with the subject line "Documents." Users click on the link and get a very convincing Google log in page. Google has confirmed that this scheme has been shut down. However if you receive email from someone you don't know, don't open it.

GMail Service Disruption - Resolved

January 24, 2014
3:23PM The Google environment has been restored to normal operation. 
2:17PM - Google is reporting disruption in email service resulting in some users not being able to access Gmail. For more information please visit the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

New Apps available on g.harvard

November 15, 2013

Users in the g.harvard domain now have access to four new apps:

Fusion Tables allows users to break out of their information silo! Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share larger data tables. Create charts and graphs using hundreds of lines of your data. Share the only the data you want to share, and more.

  Google Maps – Discover more with every click. The entire map is now interactive. Clicking anywhere will focus the map on that location and show you helpful things, like related places and the best ways to get there. Learn more about how to integrate Google Maps with your G.harvard account.

Google Moderator allows you to create a series about anything that you are interested in discussing and open it up for people to submit questions, ideas, or suggestions. These are called submissions. Learn more about Google Moderator.

Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, and groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests. Learn how to personalize your Google News

New Google Bar and Apps Grid now available

November 5, 2013
Google has developed a new navigation bar that streamlines your experience across products and devices. Google has also made a change to the color of the navigation barMany people have become used to the black navigation bar that appears the top. Now that bar is light gray. Your g.harvard and Google+ products are now accessible under a new app launcher.

The apps grid is now located at the top right of the screen next to the Google+ bell alert icon. Android  and
Chromebooks device users should be familiar with the apps grid. The apps grid allows easy access to switch between various Google properties, such as between Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, and Google search.

The Google apps grid can be easily customized in your Chrome browser, so you can add shortcuts to the Google apps you use most frequently. To download the 
App Launcher Customizer for Google click here. You must have Chrome as your browser to use the Customizer.

For more information please check out the
 Google Blog.

Google Plus Now Available for g.harvard

October 7, 2013
Google Plus (Google+) is now available for your g.harvard account! After you opt-in to Google+, you will be able to access a suite of easy to use and impactful collaboration and social networking tools. With this application you can can create and join one-on-one and group video discussions, share your desktop and join communities and special interest groups. Google+ is a consumer application and you must agree to Google’s Consumer Terms of Service to use the application. To opt-in to the service now, click here.

Gmail Delivery Delays and Download Issues

September 23, 2013
Throughout the day, Gmail has been working on issues that have caused mail slowness and download issues for some users. As of 4:00 EST Gmail message delivery delays and attachment download issues have been corrected for most affected users. Google still expects a small and declining number of messages to be affected for the next 3 hours as the remaining delivery backlog is cleared. Google is working on several options to accelerate the process and will provide more information when we have an updated time estimate. Google is working on several options to accelerate the process and will provide more information when we have an updated time estimate.

For more information and updates check the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Welcome Extension School students!

August, 7, 2013 
Welcome Extension School students!  Harvard Extension School students can now opt-in to a Google Apps account in  

  • For registering/incoming Extension School students you will first need to create your FAS account by following instructions listed on Extension and Summer School Students Opt-in to g.harvard.  Once you have completed creating your FAS account you will then need to opt-in to the Google Apps service.  Please see step #8 in the Getting Started page for details on how to opt-in once you've created your FAS account. At the end of the process you will have an FAS username and password to access Harvard computer accounts (computer labs,etc.). Your GMAIL account will be created when you opt in to the service. Your email address will be For more information please visit our Harvard DCE Extension and Summer School Student FAQ and our  Extension and Summer School Getting Started pages.
  •  Extension School degree and diploma candidates and others with existing FAS computer and email accounts can opt-in to the service by visiting the Getting Started page for detailed instructions.  Once you've completed the opt-in process a GMAIL account will be automatically created upon opting in to the service. 

Google Groups Available

April 26, 2013
Google Groups is now available for Harvard University. With Google Groups, you can create online and email-based groups and more:
  • Communicate and collaborate with groups of people. For example, groups can be useful for classes, departments, project teams, office locations, special-interest groups, and more.
  • Manage access to your documents, sites, and calendars. Users can share their content with groups instead of entering individual addresses.
  • Group owners can add or remove members, and the changes are immediately applied to shared documents, sites, videos, and calendars.
  • Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.
To get started with Google Groups as a regular participant, learn how to find and join a group. If you want to start your own group, log into your g.harvard account and click here.

Downtime Reported

April 17, 2013
11:23AM: The entire Google environment has been restored to normal operation.

11:02AM: All user functionality appears to be operational. Administrative functions are still experiencing disruption.

9:55AM: Between 8:45 and 9:50 this morning there was a system-wide outage at Google which impacted GMail and Google Apps, including the GDrive and Calendaring. Google Calendar is back and fully functional. GMail and GDrive are still experiencing some disruption, but in most cases appear to be functional.

8:45AM: Google is currently experiencing system-wide Gmail and Google Apps outages. The Collaboration Tools Team is working with Google to try to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience.

Google Drive Issues Reported

March 18, 2013
12:35PM: Google has restored Google Drive to normal operation.
11:30AM: Google has notified us that they are aware of a problem with Google Drive affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are unable to access Google Drive. They hope to have this issue resolved sometime this afternoon.

IdM Maintenance Announcement

March 6, 2013
From Friday, March 8th, at 5:00 PM through Saturday, March 9th, at 8:00 PM Harvard will be performing necessary maintenance on the IDM system that feeds user information into Google Apps for Harvard. Existing user accounts will continue to operate normally for the duration of this maintenance however password resets and new user opt-in will not be possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Please contact us at 617-495-7777 or if you have any questions regarding this maintenance or experience any issues after the maintenance period.

Welcome HLS!

January 16, 2013
In an effort to make the Google Apps For Harvard a University wide collaboration space, HUIT welcomes the Harvard Law School. Beginning Friday, January 18th, Harvard Law School will start migrating students and alumni to the Google Apps For Harvard environment. Users will begin to 'see' Law users and additional user domains in Google's Directory and when selecting users with whom to collaborate with.

Analytics Available

January 7, 2013
Google Analytics is now available for Google Apps For Harvard users. Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the visits to a web site and can be used to track Google Sites traffic and other 3rd party web site traffic. For information regarding the service please click here.

Google ends support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

December 20, 2012
Google ends support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. On January 15, 2013, users accessing Google Apps using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will see a number of changes. Click here for a list of supported browsers.

Calendar Sharing & Enhanced Permissions

November 8, 2012
Calendar Sharing and enhanced permissions. We have enabled enhanced Calendar Sharing controls as a result of overwhelming feedback from Google Apps For Harvard users. These new controls allow users to share primary and secondary calendars to the public or with specific users inclusive or exclusive of the domain.

Welcome to Google Apps For Harvard!

September 3, 2012
Welcome to Google Apps For Harvard. Google Apps for Harvard provides members of FAS a suite of online tools for collaboration and communication, for use in confidential teaching, learning and research. With it, you can collaborate on word-processing and spreadsheet documents, conduct live online chats with members of the Harvard community, create simple websites, and more.