5 Things To Know Before You Get Started

  1. Google Apps for Harvard, including Gmail and Google Drive, is available to FAS faculty, FAS staff, HAM, Extension School studentsJohn A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students, HUIT Employees, HCL,  HUL, and GSAS students for academic interaction, teaching, and confidential research. Additionally, SharePoint for Harvard is available to faculty and staff in FAS and Central Administration for official University business, including secure document sharing.
  2. Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) continues to be fully supported as Harvard University's email and calendaring platform.
  3. If you have been forwarding your Harvard address to your personal Gmail account, we strongly recommend that you open a Google Apps for Harvard Gmail account for all University-related email.
  4. G.Harvard is accessible with your HarvardKey. If you have not claimed your HarvardKey please do so as soon as possible. 
  5. Google+ and g.harvard: All g.harvard accounts have access to Google’s Core Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and Groups). G.harvard Core Apps are governed by a contract between Harvard University and Google.
    • Google+ and additional Google Apps (Consumer Apps such as Google+, Analytics and Picasa) are governed by a contract between YOU and Google. 
    • If you turn on the Consumer Apps (opt-in to Google+ for example), your Core Apps (Gmail, Calendar, etc.) will still be governed by the contract between Harvard and  Google.
    • If you sign up for Google+ with your g.harvard account, Google+ is a consumer application and you must agree to Google’s Consumer Terms of Service to use the application. Click on the image below for a graphical representation:

You can learn more by reviewing our FAQ.
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